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FAQs about BWS

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FAQs about BWS

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What is a body wrap? +

A body wrap is a special bandage that is wrapped around the body to help you lose several centimetres around your target zones in just 50 to 70 minutes. Before the elastic cotton bandage is applied to the body it is soaked in a special mineral solution. Then it is wrapped tightly around the areas where the client wants to lose centimetres, and less tightly where the desired result is firmer skin.

What’s the difference between BODY WRAP STYLE and other body wraps? +

BODY WRAP STYLE in Switzerland exclusively uses slimming wrap formulae developed by US scientists. Our skin cocktails contain nourishing and energising minerals, vitamins and amino acids, selected circulation-boosting herbs and lipid-degrading enzymes. They demonstrably purify and firm the skin and permanently improve body shape. Body wraps used at other slimming studios are simply (herbal) wraps that draw water out of the tissue, so the weight loss effect is only temporary.

What are the ingredients of the BODY WRAP skin cocktails? +

The skin cocktails contain water, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and herbs. All ingredients are 100% pure and natural – without chemicals, fragrances, oils or resins.

Are body wraps potentially harmful? +

No. For your own protection, though, it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor before any kind of treatment if you have any serious underlying conditions. We naturally do not treat clients with open wounds or serious skin abrasions.

Is the BODY WRAP STYLE method beneficial for slim people? +

Our treatments are also beneficial for clients who want to improve skin tone after losing weight or counteract the biological ageing process. Our mineral wraps combined with the special wrapping techniques help to achieve lasting body modelling results. BODY WRAP STYLE treatments are an excellent choice for people who want a «flatter stomach», a «slimmer waist», a «firmer bottom», «thinner legs» and improvements in many other problem areas.

Why is soft training important? +

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body burns. Soft training ensures that the body actually burns fat and not muscle in the weight loss process (one of the main causes of the yo-yo effect associated with many diets). Another positive effect of the gentle exercises during soft training is that they activate the lymphatic system to boost toxin elimination and improve blood circulation in the tissues.

What is the BODY WRAP STYLE nutrition concept? +

We advise you on what to eat for your metabolic type. With this new knowledge, you will find it incredibly easy to control your weight. Our nutrition consultants take into account the foods that are suitable for you, how your body uses carbohydrates, protein and fat and how many calories you need to eat on a daily basis. It helps you to understand why you have lost weight and how your body responds to different foods. If you adapt your diet to our nutrition concept you will find it easy to maintain your target weight.

How do I prepare for a treatment? +

Shower with a pH-neutral soap but don’t use a moisturiser or body lotion. Also bring a second set of underwear along with you to change into after the treatment.

How long does a treatment take? +

You should schedule around 2.5 hours for your first treatment. For subsequent treatments you will need around 1.5 to 2 hours. You only actually spend 50 to 70 minutes in the wrap. The rest of the time is needed for changing, preparations, figure analysis and nutrition advice.

What do I wear during a body wrap treatment? +

Women wear their underwear or a bikini under the bandages. Men wear bathing trunks.

Is there anything I need to know for after the treatment? +

If possible, don’t shower until the day after the treatment and don’t use a body lotion so that the concentrated mineral solutions can work for as long as possible.

How many treatments will I need? +

The number of treatments depends on how much weight you want to lose, the condition of your tissue, your general condition and other factors. We recommend one treatment a week, especially if you are trying to lose weight, so that you have plenty of time to adapt your diet.

How many «centimetres» will I lose? +

We don’t know exactly how many centimetres you will lose, because we don’t know what percentage of your body is weak, toxified tissue, which is the first thing that the body wrap firms up.

What does total centimetre loss mean exactly? +

Before the treatment certain parts of your body are measured (hips, bottom, thighs, calves, waist, stomach, upper arms etc.) and these measurements are entered on your personal chart. After the wrap treatment the measurements are taken again and the reduction for each area is noted. Total centimetre loss is the sum of circumference reductions on all areas measured.

How quickly will I lose weight? +

You will lose several centimetres after just one wrap treatment. Generally people lose between half a kilo and a kilo a week. BODY WRAP STYLE promotes controlled weight loss. This ensures that you lose body fat and not muscle. With the support of our nutrition experts you can finally beat the yo-yo effect of crash diets.

Will I regain the centimetres I lose? +

No. In our experience, the centimetres you lose won’t return as long as you maintain or further reduce your weight. You have to gain weight in order to gain «centimetres».

What about the «problem zones»? +

Many clients have basically good figures with one or two problem zones. We use a special wrapping technique to improve the problem zone modelling results and to increase the number of centimetres lost. It also boosts firmness and skin vitality on other areas of the body.

How will I feel after the treatment? +

You’ll feel good after the body wrap treatment. Many customers say they feel relaxed, refreshed and «purified», and notice a sense of general well-being.


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