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Tabea W. (39, starting weight 20 kilos heavier)

«I was sick of the constant yo-yo effect associated with diets and protein shakes. I didn’t achieve a real breakthrough until I discovered BODY WRAP STYLE.»

It made no difference whether I followed traditional diets or drank protein shakes. Everything I tried to get rid of those excess kilos resulted in me losing weight and then putting it right back on. BODY WRAP STYLE was the first thing that worked.

My pregnancies and my tendency to eat too much when I was stressed had ruined my figure. I hated all my rolls of fat and dimples.
And not being able to find any pretty dresses in my size was totally frustrating. Now I’ve achieved my target weight. I lost 20 kilos in just seven months. And the best thing is that my ugly lumps and bumps have disappeared.

Nathalie Lawrence-Flepp (28, starting weight 91 kilos)

«I was shocked by my reflection in the mirror after giving birth! There was only one solution: a BODY WRAP STYLE treatment!»

Size 18 isn’t exactly enormous, but when I saw myself in the mirror after giving birth I knew I had to do something about it.
Before the baby I was size 8/10 and weighed 55 kilos, even though I had to watch what I ate. When I was expecting I ate for two.

I’m a vitality coach at BODY WRAP STYLE, so I really should have known better, but at the time I just didn’t care. Afterwards I was shocked by my appearance! I knew exactly what I had to do: go into the institute for treatments!
It took me six months to achieve my goal of «getting back to my normal size as quickly as possible». I weighed 60 kilos then.

Rita Widmer (57, starting weight 9 kilos heavier)

«I was a bit concerned that this method wouldn’t improve the appearance of my thighs at all.»

When I made an appointment for a free figure consultation at BODY WRAP STYLE I was worried that their method simply wasn’t going to make my thighs look any better. Thank goodness I was wrong.

All the areas where I had bad cellulite now look almost completely smooth and dimple free. My job as a store manager means I have a front-of-house role and interact a lot with customers. Appearances are important to me.

Although many people used to think I was much younger than I really am, I didn’t feel comfortable about the way I looked. I hated my big hips and my cellulite. Now I’ve lost 9 kilos in all the right places.

Bora Bozcelik (27, starting weight 94 kilos)

«I was under a lot of stress at work and I needed to lose some weight around my stomach to get into my groom’s outfit – so my beautician suggested the BODY WRAP Style® method.»

I was never particularly happy with my stomach or my behind. And I didn’t want to have to squeeze the 94 kilos I weighed at the time of my engagement into a wedding suit. The answer? BODY WRAP STYLE at the suggestion of my beautician.

By my wedding day I had actually managed to get my weight down to 82 kilos. And with 7 centimetres less around my stomach, my smart wedding suit was a perfect fit. My new wife was incredibly proud of me.
Auch ich war stolz auf mich. I was proud of myself, too. Since the financial crisis I've faced all kinds of other crises as a banker.

Angela Pascarella-Pedrotti (29, starting weight 83.5 kg)

«It really is possible to change your body shape, whatever your age.»

Why am I such a big fan of BODY WRAP STYLE? Because you really can make targeted changes to your body shape whatever age you are.

I noticed the biggest improvement on my jodhpur thighs. I lost 19 cm around my bottom. And 20 cm around my stomach.
I’m a size 10/12 now instead of a 16 and I’ve lost a total of 22 kilos from all the right places!

I decided it was time for a change when Giancarlo asked me to marry him. After all, you only get one shot at the big day.

I could have lost the extra kilos by dieting. But I chose BODY WRAP STYLE because, unlike other slimming methods, it takes a holistic approach.


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