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Bora Bozcelik (27, starting weight 94 kilos)

«I was under a lot of stress at work and I needed to lose some weight around my stomach to get into my groom’s outfit – so my beautician suggested the BODY WRAP Style® method.»

I was never particularly happy with my stomach or my behind. And I didn’t want to have to squeeze the 94 kilos I weighed at the time of my engagement into a wedding suit. The answer? BODY WRAP STYLE at the suggestion of my beautician.

By my wedding day I had actually managed to get my weight down to 82 kilos. And with 7 centimetres less around my stomach, my smart wedding suit was a perfect fit. My new wife was incredibly proud of me.
Auch ich war stolz auf mich. I was proud of myself, too. Since the financial crisis I've faced all kinds of other crises as a banker.

It’s a high-charged profession, but I always make sure I take time out for my BODY WRAP STYLE appointments. The Power Wrap programme and the fast results it delivers were a big help.

The combination of wraps soaked in a high mineral concentration formula and EMS (electric muscle stimulation) training make it an effective booster programme. I believe that EMS is the most efficient muscle training method for modern men. It's a lot harder than conventional weight training, but the muscles are effectively targeted and defined right down into the deep layers. I like my stomach and bottom now!

In the past stress guided my eating patterns, but my vitality coach has put a stop to that. Eating chocolate or sweets when you’re frustrated doesn’t help and you don’t feel good afterwards. Today I only eat sweet treats like a piece of cake after sport, and I really enjoy them.

My recommendation for men: ENERGY, the BODY WRAP STYLE power wrap.

Body fat reduction: from 15.4% to the professional athlete level of 7.2%

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