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Nathalie Lawrence-Flepp (28, starting weight 91 kilos)

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«I was shocked by my reflection in the mirror after giving birth! There was only one solution: a BODY WRAP STYLE treatment!»

Size 18 isn’t exactly enormous, but when I saw myself in the mirror after giving birth I knew I had to do something about it.
Before the baby I was size 8/10 and weighed 55 kilos, even though I had to watch what I ate. When I was expecting I ate for two.

I’m a vitality coach at BODY WRAP STYLE, so I really should have known better, but at the time I just didn’t care. Afterwards I was shocked by my appearance! I knew exactly what I had to do: go into the institute for treatments!
It took me six months to achieve my goal of «getting back to my normal size as quickly as possible». I weighed 60 kilos then.


Now I’m back down to 56 kilos and I’ve lost 35 kilos of «baby fat» in total. I’ve also lost a total of 142.5 centimetres, 31.5 of those around my stomach. The 13 cm I’ve lost around my legs and the 15 cm around my bottom don’t sound very impressive compared to that.

How did I do it? The special wrapping technique used by BODY WRAP STYLE put pressure on the fat cells, especially in my stomach, legs and bottom, to eliminate them with every kilo I lost. My massive weight gain also stretched my skin a lot more than would have happened in a regular pregnancy. But you can’t tell at all now. That’s because of the patented, highly effective wraps. After each treatment I noticed my skin getting firmer and more supple.

The soft training was easy. I’d always been an active person, even before the baby. I’m finding it a lot easier to move around again now because I have fewer kilos to carry around with me and I don’t get out of breath as much…

In the past clients used to thank me for their new body and zest for life. Now I’m the one who’s grateful to my colleagues at BODY WRAP STYLE.

Body fat reduction: from 40% to a healthy 21.9%

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