Rita Widmer (57, starting weight 9 kilos heavier)

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«I was a bit concerned that this method wouldn’t improve the appearance of my thighs at all.»

When I made an appointment for a free figure consultation at BODY WRAP STYLE I was worried that their method simply wasn’t going to make my thighs look any better. Thank goodness I was wrong.

All the areas where I had bad cellulite now look almost completely smooth and dimple free. My job as a store manager means I have a front-of-house role and interact a lot with customers. Appearances are important to me.

Although many people used to think I was much younger than I really am, I didn’t feel comfortable about the way I looked. I hated my big hips and my cellulite. Now I’ve lost 9 kilos in all the right places.


My hip measurement is 7.5 cm smaller and I’ve lost 11 cm around my stomach. Now I wear size 10 instead of a 12 or 14.

BODY WRAP STYLE isn’t like a regular slimming programme because it isn’t about losing as much weight as you can. The wraps with their natural, revitalising ingredients firmed my skin in all the places I was hoping they would!

My vitality coach also taught me how to eat ‘right’ for my type. I used to start my day with two cigarettes and an espresso. Now I take the time to have a proper breakfast. I also eat at lunch and dinner time, however stressful my day has been.

I love the way I look today. I’m more confident and much more adventurous. My customers have also been paying me lots of compliments. Thanks, BODY WRAP STYLE!

Body fat reduction: from 29.1% to a sensational 20.8%

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