Tabea W. (39, starting weight 20 kilos heavier)

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«I was sick of the constant yo-yo effect associated with diets and protein shakes. I didn’t achieve a real breakthrough until I discovered BODY WRAP STYLE.»

It made no difference whether I followed traditional diets or drank protein shakes. Everything I tried to get rid of those excess kilos resulted in me losing weight and then putting it right back on. BODY WRAP STYLE was the first thing that worked.

My pregnancies and my tendency to eat too much when I was stressed had ruined my figure. I hated all my rolls of fat and dimples.
And not being able to find any pretty dresses in my size was totally frustrating. Now I’ve achieved my target weight. I lost 20 kilos in just seven months. And the best thing is that my ugly lumps and bumps have disappeared.


My stomach is 16 cm smaller, my bottom is 17 cm smaller and I’m wearing size 12 today instead of 18. Finally I can get into all the dresses I’ve dreamed of wearing for years.

I used to be plagued by chocolate cravings. Then, when I caved in to them, I felt like a complete loser.
My vitality coach has shown me that you don’t have to go without the things you love to be slim. Today I eat high-calorie treats without feeling guilty because I know what‘s good for my body. Occasionally I have a vegetable or fruit-only day.
The BODY WRAP STYLE soft training motivated me to do sport on a regular basis. I’m going to stay in shape now..

I feel attractive again, I’m more confident and I’ve got much more energy. I also love the compliments I’m getting. And I have the brilliant, motivating BODY WRAP STYLE team to thank for all these positive things. They encouraged me not to give up and to stick to my goal.

Body fat reduction: from 36.3% to an amazing 20.3%

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