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Celebrate with us:
24 years of BODY WRAP STYLE
24% discount on all ABOs!

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* The discount campaign is effective immediately for all subscriptions of 10 or more treatments (WRAPS, DETOX-Dome, EMS Xbody) that you purchase from us at the institute in Oerlikon from now until December 31, 2022.
And the great thing is, you don't have to use your ABO until December 31st., it also applies in the next year!


Achieve your goals with efficient X Body Training!

Maximum results in the minimum of time:

  • Extremely goal-oriented
  • Exclusive and individual
  • Muscle building
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Targets the abs for a six pack
  • Gentle on the joints
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Motivational


The BODY WRAP STYLE X BODY Training is a highly efficient method for modelling your body, strengthening your muscles and improving your endurance. EMS (electric muscle stimulation) delivers an electrical impulse to the body that causes muscle contraction. It particularly stimulates the deeper layers of muscle and boosts blood circulation in the muscles and connective tissue. EMS defines the figure and improves skin tone.

All the targeted muscle groups are activated equally in an X BODY Training session. This corrects muscular disbalances and strengthens weaker muscle groups.

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Our fitness team assists, supports and motivates you in training sessions that are tailored to your personal needs.

X BODY Training quickly, effectively and gently helps to alleviate the problems that are typically caused by our modern lifestyles. It not only improves the body contours, but also enhances well-being.

BIO-HACKER Rolf Duda tested us:

Achieve your X BODY Training goals faster with optimised ►WOO® products


Infrared Heat Treatment

Detoxification. Regeneration. Weight Loss.
Soothing relaxation.

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Gentle on the cardiovascular system!


after the 1st wrap for CHF 275

With money back guarantee
Try it out!

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or call 044 313 20 50


Figure & Skin Analysis

Regular price: CHF 150
Book an appointment:

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or call 044 313 20 50


Fit & Slim

Trial offer CHF 69
With personal trainer:

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or call 044 313 20 50

Monday - Friday 8am – 7pm | Saturday 8am - 4pm | Out-of-hours appointments by arrangement are also possible

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